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  • Who We Are

    For more than 30 years, Comtrol Corporation has been a manufacturer and provider of quality networking and industrial data communication products, specializing in industrial Ethernet and device connectivity. With representation across North America, EMEA, Asia and Latin America, Comtrol sells RocketLinx® industrial grade Ethernet and Power over Ethernet switches, IO-Link industrial gateways, DeviceMaster® Ethernet device servers and gateways and RocketPort® multiport serial cards through distributors, resellers and integrators worldwide. Providing exceptional product and technical support, Comtrol establishes solutions for a wide range of security, energy, industrial automation, and traffic and transportation applications.

    Comtrol remains dedicated to its innovative mission. As a product expert in serial connectivity technologies and specialized application systems, Comtrol products are widely used to connect and control peripheral serial devices within embedded systems to local servers.

    Applications of the technology include connecting retail point-of-sale devices, remote LAN access, Internet/intranet access, ATMs and other informational and transaction kiosks, process control and manufacturing automation devices on the factory floor, security systems, transportation/traffic monitoring and control systems, and a wide variety of other industrial automation applications.

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  • Comtrol Products

    DeviceMaster® Ethernet Device Servers

    The DeviceMaster Ethernet Device Servers enable superior device networking capabilities. Connect RS-232/422/485 serial devices to the network with DeviceMaster using your existing software applications. Supports native COM, TTY, or TCP/IP socket communications. Comtrol’s DeviceMaster products now feature enhanced security offering SSL & SSH management and SSL serial data stream encryption.

    DeviceMaster® Offers

    • DeviceMaster RTS
      • Remotely manageable, programmable, real-time serial device server.
    • DeviceMaster Pro
      • High-performance Ethernet connected device server.
    • DeviceMaster Serial Hub
      • Affordable, high-density, high-performance Ethernet-attached device server
    • DeviceMaster LT16
      • Digi form factor and RS-232/422/485 software selectable ports


    RocketPort® Multi-Port Serial Cards

    The RocketPort Multi-Port Serial Cards make high-performance device connectivity reliable, cost-effective, and easy. Expand the amount of I/O devices you can connect and control from your PC with this Multi-Port Serial PCI Card. A wide array of port densities, interfaces, surge protection, and rack mount options means there is one to fit your networking needs.

    RocketPort® Offers

    • RocketPort EXPRESS
      • PCIe serial port expansion, fits low profile or standard height systems, RS-232/422/485
    • RocketPort INFINITY
      • PCI-X or uPCI connectivity, fits low profile or standard height systems, 32 or 64 bit, RS-232/422/485
    • RocketPort INFINITY & EXPRESS Interfaces
      • High-Speed 460Kbps Communication, works exclusively with RocketPort PCI-X and PCIe boards, with Unity ASIC chip
    • RocketPort Universal PCI
      • Communication speeds up to 460Kbps, 36HMz ASIC processor, RS-232/422, DB9M, DB25M, or RJ45 connectors
    • RocketPort uPCI Interfaces
      • RS-232/422 Interfaces Available, rugged metal housings, surge protection and rackmount options
    • RocketPort Plus Universal PCI
      • Communication speeds up to 921Kbps, 44MHz ASIC processor, 4 or 8 serial ports, RS-232
    • RocketPort SMPTE
      • Complies with SMPTE 207M standard, DB9 connectors, RS-422, 3.3 and 5 volt PCI bus structures
    • RocketPort Plus uPCI 422
      • Communication speeds up to 921Kbps, 44MHz ASIC processor, 4 or 8 serial ports, RS-422


    RocketLinx® Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Comtrol’s RocketLinx Industrial Ethernet Switches are designed to meet high performance and environmental demands. These Industrial Ethernet Switches are especially great for applications requiring extended operating temperatures, rugged housings and high performance and reliability such as: traffic and transportation, power utility, security and surveillance monitoring, industrial automation, and hospitality and peripheral communications.

    With both managed and unmanaged models available, the RocketLinx series of switches provide cost-effective networking solutions delivering the industry’s best rugged Ethernet switch technologies.

    RocketLinx® Offers

    • Industrial Ethernet Switches
      • Rugged design, extended temperature, managed and unmanaged, rack/DIN rail mounting options
    • Power over Ethernet Switches
      • Rugged PoE switches, 802.3af/802.3at PoE and PoE Plus (managed and unmanaged) models, rack/DIN rail/panel mounting options


    DeviceMaster® UP Industrial Ethernet Gateway

    Industrial Ethernet Connectivity For Global Plant Floor Visibility

    The DeviceMaster UP Industrial Ethernet Gateways are designed to provide innovative PLC to device connectivity.

    The DeviceMaster UP provides EtherNet/IP™, Modbus/TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, and PROFINETconnectivity to a wide variety of devices. Highly advanced raw/ASCII device interface functionality simplifies PLC programming and ensures robust operation. These features greatly simplify connecting devices such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, weigh scales, vision systems, printers, encoders, and sensors to PLCs.

    Supported Ethernet Protocols

    • EtherNet/IP™
    • Modbus Solutions

    DeviceMaster® UP Offers

    • DeviceMaster® UP 1-Port VDC Modbus
      • 1-Port industrial Ethernet gateway, extensive Modbus
    • DeviceMaster® UP 1-Port 5-30VDC
      • 1-Port industrial Ethernet gateway, wide operating
    • DeviceMaster® UP 2-Port 1E
      • 2-Port (1 Ethernet port) industrial Ethernet gateway
    • DeviceMaster® UP 2-Port 1E Modbus
      • 2-Port (1 Ethernet port) industrial Ethernet gateway
    • DeviceMaster® UP DB9M 2-Port 1E
      • 2-Port (1 Ethernet port) industrial Ethernet gateway
    • DeviceMaster® UP DB9M 2-Port 1E Modbus
      • 2-Port DB9 (1 Ethernet port) industrial Ethernet gateway
    • DeviceMaster® UP 2-Port 2E
      • 2-Port (+2 Ethernet ports) industrial Ethernet gateway
    • DeviceMaster® UP 2-Port 2E Modbus
      • 2-Port (+2 Ethernet ports) industrial Ethernet gateway
    • DeviceMaster® UP DB9M 2-Port 2E
      • 2-Port (+2 Ethernet ports) industrial Ethernet gateway
    • DeviceMaster® UP DB9M 2-Port 2E Modbus
      • 2-Port DB9 (+2 Ethernet ports) industrial Ethernet gateway
    • DeviceMaster® UP 4-Port
      • 4-Port industrial Ethernet gateway, wide operating
    • DeviceMaster® UP 4-Port Modbus
      • 4-Port industrial Ethernet gateway, wide operating
    • DeviceMaster® UP 16 Modbus
      • 16-Port industrial Ethernet gateway, extensive Modbus


    IO-Link Master Gateways

    Comtrol’s IO-Link Master provides the most versatile industrial IO-Link Master gateway solutions with support for the industry’s leading protocols: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET (PNIO) and Modbus TCP. You can easily integrate the IO-Link Master into an industrial network with existing and new installations using our powerful web interface.

    Comtrol’s IO-Link Master Features

    • MultiLink – Simultaneously provides IO-Link device access to multiple controllers
    • Supports EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP
    • Powerful IO-Link Master web interface unlike any other in the industrial marketplace:
      • Configure IO-Link, EtherNet/IP™, and Modbus TCP settings for your IO-Link device
      • View real-time diagnostics for IO-Link, EtherNet/IP™, and Modbus TCP activity on your IO-Link ports
      • Load IODD (IO Device Description) files onto the IO-Link Master for your convenience
      • Configure IO-Link devices in minutes using the IO-Link Device – Port table (GUI) or the IO-Link Device ISDU Interface, which provides ISDU (Indexed Service Data Unit) handling
      • Data Storage (automatic or manual) for Auto Device Configuration
      • IO-Link Device Validation (compatible and identical) to link specific IO-Link devices to a specific port
      • Data Validation (strict or loose) for data integrity
    • Mobile Application – Configuration and Diagnostics
    • Remote Parameterization
    • ISDU (Indexed Service Data Unit) Handling
    • RSLogix Integration – PLC Interface
    • Ability to save and load IO-Link Master configuration files
    • Network Management Tools


    RocketPort® USB Serial Hubs

    Comtrol’s RocketPort USB Serial Hubs provide the ideal solution to easily add multiple serial ports for virtually any system application, including retail, industrial applications, POS, remote access and data collection. Available in either 4-port or 8-port versions.

    RocketPort® USB Serial Hubs Offers

    • RocketPort® USB Serial Hub II 4-Port
      • 4-Port USB serial hub
    • RocketPort® USB Serial Hub III 8-Port
      • 8-Port USB serial hub


    RocketLinx ® Media Converters

    RocketLinx Media Converters, MC5001 and MC7001, are full-featured industrial grade serial and Ethernet fiber media converters. They are designed to meet the needs for EMI immunity and extended fiber transmission within the harsh environments typical of traffic, power, rail, and other industrial applications.

    Comtrol Corporation’s line of RocketLinx products feature:

    • Extended temperature ranges
    • Wide DC input voltages with terminal bock connections
    • IP30 and IP31 aluminum housings ideal for harsh environments
    • Single-Mode and Multi-Mode models
    • Terminal block wiring connectors
    • DIP switch configuration
    • RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 serial communication

    RocketLinx ® Media Converters Offers

    • RocketLinx ® MC5001 Multi-Mode Serial to Fiber
    • RocketLinx ® MC7001 Multi-Mode Ethernet to Fiber Converter


    RocketModem ® Multi-Modem Cards

    RocketModem Multi-Modem Cards – Easily add modems to fax and dial-in servers with RocketPort 4 and 8-Port Multi-Modem Universal PCI Cards.

    Comtrol’s RocketModem serial cards enable a wide variety of remote access applications, including:

    • Dial-out access to ISPs
    • Dial-in access for mobile workers or telecommuters
    • Dial-in access to the corporate LAN or intranet
    • Enterprise fax capabilities

    These products are also accompanied by our serial port test and monitoring software.

    RocketModem Offer

    • RocketModem IV
      • Available with 4 or 8 ports
      • PCI-X bus compatible
      • V.92/56K modems
      • RoHS 2 compliant under CE


    DeviceMaster ® FreeWire Wireless Device Servers

    Comtrol’s wireless products are ideal for situation where LANs are not feasible, where running network cable is not practical or where devices are physically moved or rearranged periodically.

    • DeviceMaster ® FreeWire Wireless
      • 1-Port wireless serial device server


    Power Supplies and Cords

    Need help in deciding what Comtrol Power Supplies and cords you need? Some options include:

    • DIN Rail Power Supplies
    • Computer Power Cords
    • Server Power Supplies


    • DIN RAIL Power Supplies
      • Industrial 24V and 48V DIN RAIL Power Supplies supporting wide operating temperatures – Ideal for powering DeviceMaster and RocketLinx products, and other 24V equipment
    • Power Cords
      • Comtrols offers multiple International Power Cord kits including; Australia, China, India, Japan, and UK
    • Power Supply Kits
      • Comtrol offers a selection of rugged, auto-switching, stand-alone and replacement AC power supplies that support our range of DeviceMaster and Rocketlinx products.


    Product Accessories

    Comtrol offers a complete line of accessories to support our communications and networking product families: RocketLinx SFPs (Small Form-Factor Pluggables), RocketLinx Accessories, IO-Link Master Accessories, RocketPort Accessories, and DeviceMaster Accessories. Contact Comtrol sales support for product information and ordering.

    • DeviceMaster Accessories
      • DeviceMaster Rack Mount Shelf
    • IO-Link Master Accessories
      • M12 Ethernet Cable, Male to RJ45M, 0.5M
      • M12 Ethernet Cable, Male to RJ45M, 1.0M
      • M12 Ethernet Cable, Male to RJ45M, 2.0 M
      • M12 Ethernet Cable, Male to Male, 0.5 M
      • M12 Ethernet Cable, Male to Male, 1.0 M
      • M12 Ethernet Cable, Male to Male, 2.0 M
      • M12 Sensor Cable, Male to Female, 0.5 M
      • M12 Sensor Cable, Male to Female, 1.0 M
      • M12 Sensor Cable, Male to Female, 2.0 M
      • M12 Power Cable, Female to Un-Terminated, 2.0 M
    •  RocketLinx Accessories
      • LC-ST Fiber Adapter Cable Multi-Mode
      • LC-ST Fiber Adapter Cable Single-Mode
      • LC-SC Fiber Adapter Cable (Single-Mode)
      • LC-SC Fiber Adapter Cable (Multi-Mode)
      • Power over Ethernet Splitter (24VDC, 24 Watts)
    • RocketPort Accessories 
      • DB9F to RJ45 Adapter Kit, 4 Piece
      • DB9 Female to DB25 Female Adapter Kit
      • RocketPort uPCI Extension Cable
      • RocketPort INFINITY/EXPRESS Extension Cable
    • RocketLinx SFPs (Small Form-Factor Pluggables) 
      • SFPs to support our RocketLinx industrial Ethernet switches.

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